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Morecambe Timeline

Maybe not too reliable because:

  • Different sources quote different dates
  • Much more publicity about opening than closing
  • Little publicity about recent closures

1086 Poltune, Bare, Toredholme and Hessayne (or Hessam) listed in the Domesday Book
1732 Poulton Free School (eventually National school)
1742 Completion of current Morecambe parish church
1787 Glasson Dock finally finished
1787 Skerton Bridge opened
1797 Preston to Tewitfield canal opened
1819 Tewitfield to Kendal canal opened
1824 Roads linking Lancaster, Bare, Torrisholme and Poulton
1826 Preston Kendal canal link to Glasson Dock opened
1827 Morecambe Hotel opened
1829 First Morecambe Regatta
1835 Steamboat service to Ulverston and Liverpool
1840 Morecambe sees Aurora Borealis
1840 Railway reaches Lancaster
1841 Elms Hotel
1841 Holy Trinity church rebuilt
1844 Proposed Lancaster to Morecambe Harbour canal abandoned
1846 Morecambe Harbour and Railway Co formed and absorbed into North Western Railway
1848 Morecambe Northumberland St station opened
1848 North Western Hotel built (renamed Midland Hotel 1871)
1848 Single track rail line to Green Ayre station opened
1849 Green Ayre station connected to Lancaster Castle station
1850 Building starts in Poulton
1850 First use of "Morecambe" to describe the area
1850 Morecambe Harbour opened
1850 Rail line to Skipton opened
1852 Storm damages Stone Jetty & NW Hotel
1853 18 bathing machines available
1853 Dog & Partridge cricket club formed
1853 Morecambe Harbour Station opened
1853 Mr Curtis' omnibus delivered visitors to anywhere in town from the station
1855 Wesleyan Chapel Pedder St
1858 Morecambe gas works Moss Lane
1860 Building starts in West End
1860 Morecambe Terrace
1861 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway build a link from Hest Bank to Morecambe
1862 Widespread flooding
1863 Clark St Congregational church
1864 Bare Lane station opened1864
1864 The north aisle of St Peters Church, at Heysham, was built.
1865 Drinking water pipes laid from Lancaster reservoirs to Morecambe
1867 First public baths in Green St
1867 Furness & Midland Railway created a link between Carnforth and the Midland Railway Morecambe to Yorkshire Line
1869 Central Pier opened
1869 Townley St baths offers cheap rates to workers on Saturdays (change over day ?)
1870 Poulton Lane station opened
1871 North Western Railway absorbed by Midland Railway
1874 First edition of The Visitor
1875 Cemetery
1875 Hornby Terrace
1875 Opening of Strawberry Gardens
1876 Clarence St Methodist
1876 Green St church
1876 Zion chapel
1877 Moss Lane School
1878 Bare School (later Ratcliffes sweet factory)
1878 Peoples Palace and Aquarium opens (later Winter Gardens ballroom)
1878 St Laurence church
1878 Summer Gardens open on Regent Rd
1878 Torrisholme Methodist church
1879 Summer Gardens has first electric lighting in Morecambe
1884 Bankrupt summer gardens offered at auction
1886 Bare Battery and training camp established
1886 Euston Rd station opened replacing Poulton Lane
1886 John Ruskin visits Morecambe
1886 Poulton to Overton horse tram service opened
1887 Morecambe tram opened
1888 First tramway extended to Heysham
1888 New water supply from Lancaster Water Works
1889 Alhambra opens as market
1889 Anstable Home sanitorium
1889 Morecambe adopted as name for Poulton, Torrisholme and Bare
1889 Smokey Joes opens as Music Hall
1890 Building starts in Bare
1890 Summer Gardens in liquidation again
1891 Morecambe Electric Light and Power Co founded
1891 Telephone exchange, Morecambe St
1891 Thornton Rd
1891 The population of Morecambe according to the census was 6,476.
1892 Telephone line to Lancaster
1893 Bare Institute inaugurated
1894 Electricity lines extended to Sandylands
1894 West End School
1894 Morecambe Urban District, local government district, was created. It was abolished in 1928
1895 Catholic church
1895 Queens Market opened
1896 Baths on Winter Garden site demolished
1896 West End Pier opened
1897 Bare Laundry
1897 Grand Hotel
1897 Promenade extended to Bare
1897 Victoria Pavilion theatre opened adjacent to Peoples Palace
1897 West End Methodist church
1898 Electricity lines extended to Bare
1898 Electricity works Woodhill Lane
1898 Parliament St church
1898 Royalty Theatre opens
1898 St Mary's School
1898 Summer gardens bankrupt, bought by a local consortium
1898 Victoria Hospital building started
1898 Warwicks Revolving Tower opened
1899 Deveonshire Hall opened
1899 Emmanuel church
1899 Girls Friendly Society opened
1899 Grosvenor Hotel
1899 New sewage system inaugurated
1899 Police station Kensington Rd
1900 Building work began on a new port at Heysham, to facilitate Morecambe's growth as a resort. Work was completed in 1904
1901 St John church Sandylands
1902 Base of Tower Pavilion opens
1902 Morecambe achieves Borough status
1902 Sandylands Methodist church
1903 Warwicks Revolving Tower closed and Whitehall cinema opened
1904 Heysham Harbour opened
1904 Midland Railway open extension to Heysham Harbour station
1905 Bare Golf Course opened (Now Morecambe Grammar School)
1905 Cinderella Home
1905 Clock Tower built
1905 Shipbreaking begins at Morecambe harbour
1905 Summer gardens starts selling building land
1906 First deck chairs
1906 Princes Crescent construction begins
1906 Telephone line to Carnforth
1906 Victoria Bathing Pool (Bare Pool)
1907 First cross bay swim
1907 Morecambe Promenade station opened
1908 Lancaster to Heysham rail line electrified
1908 Suffragette meeting at the Alhambra
1909 Figure 8 Railway opened by Mr Helter
1910 Car parking on the prom for 14 cars
1910 Promenade improvement scheme creates Marine Rd
1910 St Barnabus church
1911 Alhambra bankrupt
1911 Heysham horse drawn trams replaced by petrol driven trams
1911 Summer Gardens closed
1911 The population of Morecambe according to the census was 12,131
1912 Art & Technical school opened (now Cinnebar House)
1912 Fahys buy first charabanc to arrive in Morecambe
1912 Water supply integrated with Lancaster
1913 Fahys acquire the Music Hall (Smokey Joes) as the first garage in Morecambe
1914 Art & Technical school taken over by the army
1914 Flying display at Bare
1915 West End pier fire
1917 George V visits White Lund munitions factory
1917 White lund munition factory explosion
1919 Alhambra restructured
1919 Art and Technical school becomes Morecambe Grammar School
1919 Dame Nellie Melba plays The Tower
1919 Morecambe Corporation adds buses alongside horse trams
1919 Morecambe police court
1919 Palladium opens in the 1895 Queens Market premises
1919 Peace celebrations (evolved into Morecambe Carnival)
1919 Scale Hall aerodrome opened
1920 Formation of Morecambe FC
1920 Second munition factory explosion
1921 Morecambe - Lancaster horse trams replaced by buses
1921 Morecambe Rd
1921 War memorial
1921 The population of Morecambe according to the census was 19,178
1922 Plaza Cinema
1923 Broadway (road) opened
1923 Morecambe Golf club established
1924 Morecambe Golf clubhouse opened
1925 Heysham Tower holiday camp opened
1925 Lettered rock launched by Dick Taylor
1925 Princes Crescent shoe shop installs an x-ray machine to check fitting (still in use in the 60's)
1925 West End pier fire again
1925 Westgate opened
1926 Buses replaced horse drawn drams between Battery and Bare
1926 First Morecambe Carnival
1926 Regents Park opened on part of the Summer Gardens site
1927 Cinemas allowed to open Sundays after 19.00
1927 Happy Mount Park
1927 Storms caused widespread damage
1928 Frank Ashworth renames Lotto as Bingo
1928 Heysham petrol driven trams replaced by buses
1928 In local government, Morecambe Urban District was abolished and Morecambe and Heysham Municipal Borough was created. It was abolished in 1974
1929 Coast Rd Bare to Bolton-le-Sands
1930 Central Paddling/boating Pool built
1930 Cliff protection wall at Heysham
1930 Sandyland sunshine slopes
1930 Sandylands Lido promenade
1930 Sandylands sea wall built from Battery to Rydal Road.
1931 Central Pier starts bathing beauty competitions
1931 Outdoor market Poulton
1931 Town Hall opened
1931 Woolworths Euston Rd
1931 The population of Morecambe and Heysham according to the census was 24,542
1932 Central bandstand relocated to Rylands Park
1932 Demolition of Poulton Hall
1932 Last bathing machines
1933 Central Pier fire
1933 Coastal Road opens
1933 Fahys new garage opens.
1933 Harbour Band Arena
1933 Harbour gardens, paddling and boating pools
1933 New Midland Hotel built
1933 Sea wall and promenade built to encircle Midland Hotel from Midland slipway to Stone Jetty.
1934 Bare Methodist
1934 Clearance of Wards shipbreaking site
1934 Craig Home
1934 Elms Hotel extension and refurbishment
1934 Grosvenor Hotel refurbishment
1934 Refurbishment of Winter Gardens
1934 St Christophers church
1935 Bath Hotel rebuilt
1935 Central Pier reopened
1935 Construction of Super Swimming Stadium
1935 Land reclamation for Super Swimming Stadium
1935 Nurses home opened
1935 Royalty Theatre refurbished
1935 Sea wall built from Stone Jetty to Central Wall to protect new Swimming Stadium on reclaimed land.
1936 Boating pools opened on Sundays
1936 Carlisle road bridge widened
1936 Heysham Golf Club
1936 Super Swimming Stadium opens
1937 1937 – 39 Floral complex built.
1937 Broadway hotel
1937 Burtons Building replaces West View Hotel
1937 Cyclone replaces Figure 8
1937 Headway Hotel
1937 Odeon Cinema
1937 Part of old golf links land donated for a new Morecambe Grammar School
1937 Strathmore Hotel
1938 Arcadia Theatre
1939 Bruciannis
1939 Littlewoods
1939 Middleton holiday camp opened
1939 Morecambe Grammar School relocates to Dallam Avenue
1939 Scale Hall aerodrome closed
1939 Woolworths promenade
1940 Empire complex
1940 Floral Hall opened
1940 Morecambe golf club
1948 Demolition of wooden arm of Morecambe harbour
1949 100,000 visitors came for the first night of the illuminations
1949 Imperial Hotel fire
1949 Relaunch of Morecambe illuminations
1949 The Tower becomes The Gaumont cinema
1950 Ballet Rambert at the Winter Gardens
1950 Demolition of the Kursaal
1951 Wartime potted shrimp restrictions lifted
1952 Winter Gardens hosts the annual Labour Party conference
1955 Christ Church Broadway
1955 Saddlers Wells ballet at the Winter Gardens
1955 Tommy Steele plays Winter Gardens
1955 Tussauds take over the Witehall Cinema, formerly Theatre
1956 Start of Miss Great Britain
1957 Scale Hall station opened
1957 Totally new Imperial Hotel re-opened
1958 Heysham Head offered for sale
1960 Morecambe Bowl
1960 Premier of The Entertainer
1963 Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and many more play Morecambe
1964 Illuminations switched on by Jimmy Savile
1964 Marineland
1964 Winged World at Heysham Head
1965 Lancaster University
1967 Bare Old Hall demolished
1969 Dixieland Bar and amusements replace the Winter Gardens ballroom
1969 Single decker buses phased in
1970 Alhambra fire
1970 Moby Dick Fire
1971 The population of Morecambe and Heysham according to the census was 41,925
1972 Arndale Centre opened
1972 Greyhound bridge converted to road use
1972 Plaza closed
1974 Last horse drawn landaus
1974 Morecambe, Heysham and Lancaster reamalgamated
1974 Morecambe Football Club won the FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium
1974 Under the Local Government Act (1972), the Municipal Borough of Morecambe and Heysham was abolished and administratively Morecambe became part of the newly created City of Lancaster
1976 Odeon / Classic closed
1977 Demolition of Super Swimming Stadium
1977 Winter Gardens theatre closed
1978 West End Pier destroyed by storm
1979 Dome and outdoor pool opened
1980 Big wheel opened
1982 Big wheel dismantled
1982 Heysham becomes base for Morecambe Bay gas field
1982 Winter Gardens ballroom demolished
1983 Empire cinema closed
1983 First Heysham nuclear power station becomes operational
1983 The Morecambe and Lunesdale UK Parliamentary constituency was created
1986 Last televised Miss GB … from The Dome
1987 Block of flats built on Palace Theatre site
1987 Current Heysham Port station opened
1987 Euston Rd Conservative HQ sold
1987 Surgery relocated from Queen Vic to RLI
1988 Heysham Head sold to developers
1989 Grand Hotel demolished
1990 M&S closes
1990 Marineland closes
1992 Central Pier demolished
1994 Current Morecambe station opened
1996 Last Morecambe illuminations
1999 Frontierland amusement park was closed
2001 Demolition of Dome
2001 The population of Morecambe and Heysham according to the census was 48,227
2002 New Victoria Hospital outpatients centre opened
2004 Cocklepickers disaster
2007 Morecambe were promoted to the Football League for the first time in their history following a 2-1 win against Exeter
2010 The Battery closed
2012 Elms Hotel demolished
2014 Megazone / Tussauds / Whitehall destroyed by fire
2015 Broadway Hotel demolished